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I started out as an overweight child, and gained and lost weight throughout many periods of my life and deeply understand the process of both putting weight on as well as taking it off. For over 20 years I have been helping individuals of all ages get in great shape, reduce their high blood pressure, reverse diabetes, and increase their overall quality of life, and I can do the same alongside you when you commit to a coaching program. We will work TOGETHER to form habits that fit your lifestyle to allow you to eat the foods you want to enjoy while still getting in the shape you desire. 

Here is a transformation I did in my mid 30’s……

and one I did in my early 40’s.

We can take it as far as you want…

Anyone who tries to convince you that you can’t do this at ANY age is simply LYING to you! The issue is simply that most people have poor habits, and/or can’t follow a protocol for long enough to get results. With just a few changes to your daily routine, performed over a period of a few months, you can ABSOLUTELY do this yourself, and my coaching program will make sure you are equipped with solutions to EVERY problem or concern you might have that is keeping you from getting to your optimal level of health. Dr. Peter Attia says that the #1 goal of someone who wants to live a long and healthy life should be to get their DEXA scan Appendicular Lean Mass Index (ALMI) at or above the 75th percentile. That means that above all else, achieving a lean physique is the #1 thing you can do to increase your quality of sleep, lower your blood pressure, take stress off your organs, improve your insulin sensitivity, and the list goes on. The more excess body fat you have, the more difficult it will be for all of the body’s systems to work efficiently. Committing to achieving a lean and healthy physique is the best thing you can do to positively effect all of your body’s internal systems and thereby live a longer, healthier life. What are you waiting for? You’ve been living the GOOD life for long enough…it’s time to live the GREAT life!

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