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Looking for personalized online coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals? Fitness by Herve has you covered with a range of online coaching services designed to help you transform your body and your life.


12 week Ultimate Transformation Package

-Custom BALANCED Nutrition Plan (every aspect of your day to day dietary protocol handled for you along with explaining the WHY behind each decision). You agree to tracking your macros together with me and holding yourself accountable to the food you’re putting into your body daily because you understand it means a healthier body, which equates to a better quality of life and longevity.
-Custom Training Plan (you commit to working out each bodypart once a week with resistance training and agree to keep a log of the exercises, weights and reps you used so we can work together to progressively overload your muscles safely and get you results)
-30 minute Zoom once a week to discuss any concerns you might have and stay focused together
-Unlimited email consultations with any questions or concerns you might have day to day
-Blood labs analyzed by a functional medicine doctor (analysis of what’s going on INSIDE your body will give a more complete picture of your overall health – the more data we have the better)
-Personalized Solutions to ANY problem or concern you might have about the process, to turn your journey into a results driven, sustainable one.

This package will equip you with all the tools needed to take your health and body composition to extraordinary levels. It will focus on:

-Building/Maintaining Lean mass (we will focus on weekly photos and daily weighing to have the data needed to know when to adjust our program
-Increasing strength (we will keep accurate logs of your exercises, weights and reps to make sure we are continuously progressing)
-Losing Bodyfat
-Injury prevention
-Increased mobility
-Adequate rest, sleep, recovery

Become completely self sufficient, take your health into your own hands, and not need a trainer standing over you counting reps at the gym.



12 month Elite VIP total transformation package

* Complete onboarding experience to assess your current health status
* 60-minute consult and introductory call with Hervé

* An extensive review of your labs and questionnaire by a functional medicine doctor
* Written food plan, food list, and supplementation program suited to your unique biochemistry
* Custom calorie and macros to achieve your goals
* Custom recipes tailored to foods you enjoy and nutrients that will support your unique biochemistry
* Unlimited accountability and adjustments to your food and supplementation plan

* A full year of programmed training and recovery plans to achieve your goals
* Unlimited accountability for your fitness training plan and adjustments to your plan to accommodate for travel, vacations, or special needs

* Total guidance on a beginner, intermediate, and advanced self-quantification techniques dependent on your bloodwork and unique biochemistry
* Complete guidance on biomarker analysis alongside a functional medicine doctor

* A full year of programmed training and recovery plans to achieve all of your health and fitness goals
* Access to Hervé’s personal cell phone for any concerns that might come up
* Unlimited Q&A access via email and zoom meetings available with appointment


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love our coaching.

I first met Herve in 2003 after I responded to his ad for body transformation. I had a few months to train for military bootcamp and wanted to hire an awesome fitness trainer. What I got instead was the best fitness trainer I've ever met and trained with. I've compared every trainer since, including so-called "high-speed" military trainers, to Herve and none match the total package - focused dedication to achieving the results the client wants, consistent and effective motivation, encyclopedic knowledge (and wisdom) of physiology, medicine, nutrition, and fitness methodology, and his indefatigable and contagious positive energy. In the span of three months, he took me from chubby to super fit to the point where I was at the top of my bootcamp class and training my classmates. I've since contracted him from time to time for him to get me back into that shape that one can only get into with a great trainer that pushes you to discover your actual limits. Amazingly, he's able to train and advise me from 6,000 miles away. Herve's knowledge and dedication is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to train with him. He's a marvel.
-Austin Hunt
Happy client

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