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I first met Herve in 2003 after I responded to his ad for body transformation. I had a few months to train for military bootcamp and wanted to hire an awesome fitness trainer. What I got instead was the best fitness trainer I've ever met and trained with. I've compared every trainer since, including so-called "high-speed" military trainers, to Herve and none match the total package - focused dedication to achieving the results the client wants, consistent and effective motivation, encyclopedic knowledge (and wisdom) of physiology, medicine, nutrition, and fitness methodology, and his indefatigable and contagious positive energy. In the span of three months, he took me from chubby to super fit to the point where I was at the top of my bootcamp class and training my classmates. I've since contracted him from time to time for him to get me back into that shape that one can only get into with a great trainer that pushes you to discover your actual limits. Amazingly, he's able to train and advise me from 6,000 miles away. Herve's knowledge and dedication is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to train with him. He's a marvel.
-Austin Hunt
Happy client
I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Herve getting my dad bod back to a Beachbody. He is an excellent communicator and having done his own fitness journey, he was able to translate all that knowledge and experience to helping me get into excellent shape mentally and physically. From the meal plans that he suggested to the workouts that he crafted for me, I’ve seen incredible results and I’m looking and feeling better than ever. I would definitely recommend Herve to anyone looking for a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable trainer. Big thank you Herve.
-Ski-ter Jones
Happy client
Working with Herve is super -- he's a great motivational teacher, and he's also fun to work with, so you'll be sweating and laughing at the same time. I appreciate his careful instruction and attention to detail, which means I feel safe as I work toward my fitness goals.
-Julie Ganis
Happy client

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