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Tailored Wellness in 10 Day:

This is the most science backed detoxification program available, based on the research by functional medicine Dr. Bryan Walsh, ensuring that you are equipped with the habits and nutrients needed to facilitate phase 0-3 detoxification pathways in the body.

Swift, Impactful 10-Day Detox:

Experience transformation in just 10 day—efficient and seamlessly integrated into your busy life. It’s not just a detox; it’s a quick catalyst for a healthier, revitalized you.

Science-Backed Holistic Approach:

Built on functional medicine principles, our program addresses root causes, not quick fixes. Supported by rigorous research, every aspect, from nutrition to daily protocols, stands on a solid scientific foundation.


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Packages with you purchasing supplements yourself off the web, or supplements delivered to you.


Nutritional Guidance

Explain the importance of a carefully curated diet during the program.

Our Benefits


A fasting mimicking diet will make sure you are in a caloric deficit mobilizing stored bodyfat so that xenobiotic chemicals stored in your fat can be dumped into the bloodstream to be removed


Adequate fiber and binders will make sure that you are binding the released chemicals into your bile to be excreted from the body instead of recirculating into the bloodstream to get redeposited in your tissues.


Open up Phase 0-3 Detoxification pathways making fat soluble toxins water soluble so they can be binded up and excreted out of the body through the sweat, urine, feces or saliva.


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10-Day Detox Program

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10-Day Detox Program

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