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Nutrition and exercise coaching, plus comprehensive bloodwork analyzed by a functional medicine doctor.  Additional add-on testing services available as well.  Don’t wait any longer, transform your health now!

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From consultation to transformation, you will have consistent guidance and support throughout the entire process ensuring your success.


Detailed assessment of your fitness level, and discussion to determine which program is uniquely fit for you and your personal goals.


Design a customized program to your unique needs, whatever your current fitness level.



Personalized online coaching will provide guidance through your program, providing continued support throughout every step of your transformation.


With expert coaching, you'll transform your body and health, with consistent data points and measurements to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals.

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When you work with me, you learn to switch your focus from simply “losing weight”, to “recomposition”. With body recomposition as your primary goal, ie. maintaining/building lean mass while dropping body fat, regardless of what the scale weight is (though we will be keeping track of your scale weight, because more data is ALWAYS better), you will be more equipped to mentally handle the high and low weight fluctuation days and be more in-tune to the actual process that will get you better long term results. Longevity and healthspan benefits come from losing body fat and preserving lean mass, NOT just losing weight. So many people simply focus on losing weight, and do so incorrectly, thereby ending up with a worse overall body composition at the end than if they had focused solely on recomping from the beginning. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to Re-Comp? Let’s go!

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